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Finding Areno

Like this year’s motto „404 not found“ we will start our searching a path that leads us to Areno. Areno, the at sometimes grumpy and headstrong festival rhinoceros, loves to go his own way and to embark on new adventures. He explores his surroundings, drifts in the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoys the small and big things in life. Follow in the footsteps of Areno and look at Erlangen in a new way.



Body and Contact
Bürgertreff - Die Villa - Äußere Brucker Str. 49

In einem offenen Workshop der MILK-Performerinnen Rebecca Bauer und Cleopatra Boudreau erfahren wir, wie ausdrucksstarke Bewegungen Gefühle, Erfahrungen und Erinnerungen verkörpern können. Anhand von BühThe creators of MILK, Rebecca Bauer and Cleopatra Boudreau, give an open workshop exploring how expressive movement can be used to embody feelings, experiences, and memories. Using the theatrical form of Dance-Theatre as a base, they take you through some of the exercises they used in their creation process for their piece, MILK. These exercises focus on the body as a primary means of expression, challenging the individual to understand their experiences in new, ways.

With Tangeld