The Festival

ARENA... Of The Young Arts is an international dance, theater and performance festival which takes place in Erlangen every year. For four days different artists from all over the world show their art, which has been inspired by the yearly changing motto of the festival. In different independent locations artists show contemporary, multi medial and interdisciplinary productions. Besides the exiting program, there are also workshops, concerts, movie screenings, discussions and installations to inspire people and bring them together. In our Festivalcenter, there is always time for artists, festival guests and helpers to come together, to relax and exchange interests and new impressions.


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We fail by trying. We achieve by trying. Flying high. Faster, further, better than anything before. Finding ways that have not been pursued yet. Life as a search, an odyssey for meaningfulness. In this we encounter dead ends. Detours and new roads that might always bring us to a new dataset.Be it within society, the landscape of the media or the arts - we search but can’t find ourselves. In a world that only lives of acceleration it can be hard to go for a definite destination because we have a multitude of exits to choose from. But even the way to this undefined destination can be difficult. We move fast at times and then slow. We don’t move at all or we move because others have shown us the way. 404 not found. This doesn’t mean that we are lost. Art is a journey of finding new pathways and preserving them. Where we thought it is impossible to go further. Recognizing road blocks and finding new paths through art. The problems and frustrations that we might encounter on this road show us new ways to destinations that we didn’t see before. Art serves as an escape from situations that we can’t continue in, as an alternative when proven patterns of behavior don’t work anymore and as an opportunity to uncover such patterns as no longer beneficial. ARENA...of the young arts will take place for the 28th time in 2018. We want to build a platform and create a space for intercultural and international discourse. As a direction, a path and a destination. So that you can hardly wait for the next error message.

Cooperation Zeitzeug_:

Since June 2015, ARENA...of the young arts is cooperating with the Zeitzeug_Festival in Bochum. It has been founded for exchange and network between the teams and the artists. What can we learn from each other? How can we support each other? To work on these ques- tions the teams are visiting each other every year at their festivals. FREE RIDE The free ride enables one artistic group to show their work at the partner festival. It is an opportunity to network with artists and their pro- jects. The group that gets the free ride is going to play at the Zeitzeug_ Festival in November 2018. The group can decide what kind of artistic work they want to show. The Zeitzeug_ Festival will take place from November 23 – 26, 2017 in Bochum.